About Us

In India there is a complete lack of focus on preventive health care. One of the essential requirement of Indian’s is a good quality health service. In today’s era many foods are also lacking sufficient nutritional value. Processed food containing artificial coloring ,chemicals, over cooking and chemical over farming pollution also making our food as well as our health poor. As per a well known saying “Prevention is better than cure”. That is why, Raksha Health Care has come with an aim to provide high quality health care across the nation. Keeping in mind high cost of medical services in India, it is important to make health care services accessible and more affordable to all.
We all have spent far more money and time in treating illness than we do in maintaining health. As a result of this imbalance we spent more money in hospitals, institutions and nursing homes. As being a preventive health care provider Raksha Health Care review the lacking knowledge and resources of health care issues in India and try to road a better health care system. Environmental changes and sedentary lifestyles have resulted in rising number of non-communicable diseases, affecting all age groups. Early detection of such diseases is the best way to prevent them and lead a happy life. Preventive Health Checks can enhance your life with good health. Raksha Health Care backed by a team of compassionate, capable and dedicated personnel to cater to the health needs of everyone.

Our Health Plan Consists of

• Body Check up Voucher
• Pharmacy Voucher
• Doctor Consultation Voucher
• Pathology Discount Card
• Dental Check up Voucher and more.
In Addition to keeping people healthy and health care cost affordable when people have preventive health care provider and team of doctors and other medical experts works in a coordination.